Stop calling your wife “the boss”

No one’s “the boss.” The Matt Walsh blog has come out with a couple great articles on marriage! I highly recommend him!

The Matt Walsh Blog

Ladies, imagine this scenario: it’s lunchtime at the office. You and some female coworkers are gathered around the wobbly table in the break room. One of you comes up with the idea to get together after work for a drink and a bite to eat. Immediately, one of the gals in the group pulls out her cell phone. “Alright, let me ask the boss.”

Another: “Gotta check with the man in charge.”

Still another: “I don’t know if my husband will let me, but I’ll ask. [Giggles] You know, the boss runs a tight ship.”

You probably haven’t witnessed this scene. American women would never publicly (or privately) refer to their husbands as “the boss,” but follow me into this absurd hypothetical anyway.

So what’s wrong with this situation, other than its utter lack of realism?

Is it that these women are checking in with their spouses? Is it their…

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